Leading the Way in Rail Innovation: Amiable’s Premium Thermit Welding Kits and Testing Solutions

Amiable, established in 2012, has solidified its position as a renowned manufacturer and exporter of Alumino Thermit (AT) Welding Kits, a diverse range of Small Track Machines, and Ultrasonic Testing equipment for Rail/Weld applications.

Amiable has honed its core expertise in the field of Thermit Welding, becoming a comprehensive service provider. With a forward-thinking perspective and a problem-solving approach, we are the most dependable partner for ensuring the safety and reliability of railway tracks.



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Amiable has earned a distinguished reputation as a trusted and highly commended provider of Rail Welding solutions. The company’s extensive experience and expertise have led to groundbreaking innovations in the manufacturing of Thermic Casting Products. These products play a pivotal role in welding a diverse range of rail types and heavy metal machinery, employing the highly efficient SkV process, which can be executed both on-site and at the company’s own well-equipped premises.


Manufacturing Operations

Rotary Klin
A rotary kiln, often used in thermite welding, is a specialized cylindrical furnace designed to reach high temperatures. In this process, it plays a crucial role in heating and fusing metals, allowing for a strong and durable bond between two pieces. Its controlled rotation ensures uniform heating, making it a reliable tool for thermite welding applications.
batching plant
Automatic Weigh Batcher

An automatic weigh batcher plays a pivotal role by precisely measuring and dispensing the essential components, like aluminum powder and iron oxide, in the exact proportions required for the thermite welding process. This ensures the consistency and integrity of welds in railway tracks.

Physical Test

Digital Ultrasonic Machine (USFD Test)
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection is a valuable technique in thermite welding processes, ensuring the quality and integrity of rail and metal connections. By employing high-frequency sound waves to detect flaws or irregularities within the weld, it plays a crucial role in maintaining the safety and durability of thermite-welded joints. This method is essential for meeting stringent quality standards in rail and metalwork applications.

Mechanical Test

hardness test machine
Brinell Hardness Machine (3000 Kg)

The Brinell Hardness Machine (3000 Kg) is a powerful and precise testing instrument used to measure the hardness of materials. With a testing force of 3000 kilograms. This machine provides reliable data for quality assurance and material selection, helping ensure the durability and performance of components and structures.

Transverse Testing Machine (200 T Min)
The Transverse Testing Machine, with a minimum capacity of 200 tons, is a critical tool used for inspecting the strength and stability of rail tracks after thermite welding. This testing ensures that the welded joints can withstand heavy loads and transverse forces, contributing to the safety and reliability of railway infrastructure. It plays a vital role in quality control and compliance with industry standards in rail track maintenance and construction.

Metallurgical Test


A spectrometer is used to analyze the chemical composition of various metal. By measuring the element content, it ensures the quality and consistency of welds in railway tracks and other applications, crucial for maintaining the structural integrity and safety of rail infrastructure.

Microscope Test
The microscope test is an essential quality control procedure. During this process, a sample from the welded joint is meticulously examined under a microscope to assess its microstructure. This examination provides critical insights into the integrity of the weld, including factors like grain size, grain boundaries, and any potential defects.

Chemical Test

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Carbon Sulphur Determination Apparatus
A Carbon Sulphur Determination Apparatus is a vital tool in laboratories for accurately measuring the carbon and sulfur content in various substances. This device utilizes high-temperature combustion to analyze the elemental composition, enabling researchers to assess the purity and quality of materials, making it indispensable for quality control and analytical chemistry in scientific settings.
Water Distillation Plant
A Water Distillation Plant is a crucial component in laboratory settings, providing high-purity water for experiments and analyses. It employs distillation techniques to remove impurities, ensuring that the water used in scientific research is of the highest quality and free from contaminants.
water distillation plant
Muffle Furnace
Muffle Furnace
A Muffle Furnace, a common fixture in laboratories, is a high-temperature heating device used for processes such as ashing, burning, and heat treating. It ensures controlled and precise heating, making it invaluable for various scientific and analytical applications.

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