Type of Crucibles


Single Shot Crucible

The single-shot crucible is a pivotal component in various industrial processes, particularly those involving the melting and casting of metals. It’s designed to be a one-time-use crucible, offering exceptional convenience and efficiency. This disposable crucible eliminates the need for labor-intensive cleaning and maintenance, making it a preferred choice in applications where precision, cleanliness, and cost-effectiveness are paramount.

Long Life Crucible

A Long Life Crucible is an indispensable asset in the field of thermite welding, known for its remarkable resilience and performance under extreme conditions. Crafted from robust materials like graphite and refractory ceramics, these crucibles withstand temperatures exceeding 2,500 degrees Celsius, allowing for multiple thermite welding processes, reducing downtime, and ensuring the longevity and safety of rail connections. In the precision-driven world of thermite welding, Long Life Crucibles stand out as a cost-effective, reliable solution that guarantees optimal results.