Alumino Thermit Welding Kit

Alumino Thermit Welding Kit

Thermit Portion

A Thermit Portion is a crucial component in railway maintenance, used for welding and repairing various types of rails. It consists of a mixture that, when ignited, produces extremely high temperatures, enabling the fusion of rail ends. This method ensures durable and secure rail connections, essential for the safe and efficient functioning of railway systems.

It involves the use of a precisely formulated mixture that, when ignited, generates temperatures exceeding 2,500 degrees Celsius. This extreme heat allows for the seamless fusion of rail ends, resulting in a strong, durable, and continuous rail track. Thermit welding is vital for ensuring rail integrity, reducing maintenance costs, and enhancing the safety and efficiency of railway systems.

Pre-fabricated Dry moulds for all rail profiles

Pre-fabricated Dry Moulds are vital components in the railway industry, serving a crucial role in rail manufacturing and repair processes. These molds are precisely engineered to accommodate a wide range of rail profiles, ensuring that molten metal is poured accurately and efficiently. 

Pre-fabricated Dry Moulds offer several advantages, such as reduced production time, enhanced cost-effectiveness, and the ability to create consistent rail profiles. Their versatility and reliability make them indispensable tools for railway companies, ensuring the quality and durability of rail infrastructure, which is essential for the smooth and safe operation of railway networks.

Luting Sand

Luting sand plays a crucial role in the thermite rail track welding process, where it acts as a protective barrier. During thermite welding, a chemical reaction produces extremely high temperatures to join rail sections.

Luting sand is used to encase the weld area, providing insulation and containing the molten metal, allowing it to solidify into a strong, seamless rail joint. Its ability to withstand intense heat and support the welding process ensures the integrity and durability of rail tracks, making it an essential component in railway maintenance and construction.


An igniter is a critical element in the thermite rail track welding process. It serves as the ignition source for the thermite mixture, which is used to weld or repair rail tracks. 

When activated, the igniter initiates a chemical reaction that generates extremely high temperatures, enabling the molten metal to join rail sections, creating a strong and reliable rail connection. Igniters are essential tools in railway maintenance, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of rail networks.

Auto Tapping thimble

An auto tapping thimble is a key component in metallurgical and foundry processes, designed to streamline the tapping of molten metal from furnaces or crucibles. Its automated mechanism allows for controlled and precise pouring of metal, reducing the risk of spills and minimizing human exposure to extreme heat.
Auto tapping thimbles are integral in ensuring the safety and efficiency of metalcasting operations, making them indispensable in various industrial applications, including metal production and casting.