Hand Grinder

Hand Grinder

A hand grinder is a portable tool that can be used to polish the surface of a rail head. It is typically powered by an electric motor, and it has a rotating head that is fitted with a grinding wheel. The grinding wheel is made of a hard material, such as diamond or silicon carbide, and it is used to remove small amounts of metal from the surface of the rail head. 

This polishing process helps to improve the smoothness of the rail head, which can reduce friction and wear. It can also help to remove any defects or contaminants from the surface of the rail head, which can improve the overall safety of the railway track.

Hand grinders are typically used by railway maintenance crews to polish rail heads on a regular basis. This helps to ensure that the rail heads are in good condition and that they can provide a smooth and safe ride for trains.

Hand grinders are a valuable tool for railway maintenance crews. They can be used to quickly and easily polish rail heads, which can help to improve the safety and performance of the railway track.

hand-grinding machine

Here are some additional details about the use of hand grinders to polish rail heads:

  • The type of grinding wheel used will depend on the specific requirements of the rail head. For example, a diamond grinding wheel is often used to polish high-speed rail tracks, while a silicon carbide grinding wheel is often used to polish freight rail tracks.
  • The speed of the grinding wheel is also important. A slower speed is typically used for rough grinding, while a faster speed is typically used for finishing.
  • The amount of pressure that is applied to the grinding wheel will also affect the results. Too much pressure can damage the rail head, while too little pressure will not be effective.